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The idea for LCEPs was developed in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE) in 2015, with the aim of improving the alignment of cultural education of young people. Pilot LCEPs were launched in Great Yarmouth, Bristol, and Barking & Dagenham. Since then, the success of these partnerships has inspired the emergence of over 140 LCEPs across England.



LCEPs locally specific and can take many different forms. They may involve collaborative working with a wide range of partners, including from the cultural, education, higher education, youth, health, criminal justice, voluntary, and commercial creative sectors, as well as with local and combined authorities. LCEPs are supported by our network of Bridge Organisations, who provide developmental and strategic support relevant to their stage of development and need.

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The What

n 2020-2021, Arts Council England (ACE) supported a National Leadership and Peer Learning Programme for LCEPs, which reached 172 participants from across 97 LCEPs.

The programme, which offered a series of workshops and individual coaching sessions, focused on equipping leaders with the skills and confidence to influence change in their local area and supporting LCEPs to generate collective solutions to shared challenges. 

ACE are committed to continuing their work with LCEPs as part of their 2021-2024 Delivery Plan.


LCEPs will play an important role in our delivery plan theme of strengthening our place-based approach and supporting the levelling up of communities most in need. 

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