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Young Researchers are groups of young people in Southend who participate in testing items on the list, to understand how different groups might interpret them, and importantly, see if they're fun! The  stories below describe what different groups have achieve. 

If you want to be a Young Researcher, get in touch!

Girls tech youth group who decided to Meet an Artist 

“On Saturday the 26th of June, we had the pleasure of meet Digital Artist and Composer Lily Hunter Green. As part of her Sci-Art installation ‘She Heals', we used drones to mimic honeybee behavior in a hive. I had a great time programming the drones and seeing my code run, it was my first time doing a collaborative project with an artist and it was a wonderful experience."

“After ‘She Heals', we received a lot of attention on social media. It was a good way to show the public how girls can use technology and explore different ways to solve problems. We continue to work on recruiting more girls to join our mission, to get more girls involved in technology."


“When I met the artist, I thought it was so fun because I got to meet someone fun. I also got to learn how to code Python properly and do something that was so cool. My favourite part was watching everyone's drones that they coded and flew. I also enjoyed the coding and watching my drones fly! It was amazing!"


“My experience at ‘She Heals' was a great one because I met many friends and met an artist. I was surprised to hear that she was an artist because I had only seen her with the drones. I got interviewed about working with the drones and protecting the bees."

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