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Tackle the Leigh steps

It’s your time to challenge yourself! Set yourself a goal and complete it!

Here’s a little bit of history between the two steps at Leigh. The larger steps outside Leigh-on-Sea station are called ‘Belton Steps’ whereas the cobbled ones from the Old Town are called ‘Church Hill’. There’s a great history to these – in the 17th century they were the link to upper Leigh from lower Leigh, Old Town, thought of as a lawless no go area. It was a place of intense poverty and deprivation with families of ten or more living in the tiny cottages. Church Hill steps were mostly used by the women to take cockles, other shellfish and fish up to the town to try and sell to the richer population of the town. There is a great deal of history within Leigh – how about trying to challenge yourself by taking a step back in time to see what life would have been like?

Where to start

Set yourself a time to complete your journey up or around the steps and gradually try to finish in that time or beat it!

Make yourself a motivational playlist so that you can stay set on your goal

Stretch! Stretch! Stretch! Make sure you warm up, see how to effectively stretch.

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