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Let's Create Activity Packs

We have created two activity packs to help you to get started with the list by providing examples of things you can do. 

The items listed can be completed individually or as a group, and have been selected to spark imagination and challenge their young minds of the future! Some items may need extra materials. We hope you will find the activities informative, fun and challenging!

There are two packs, one for Primary School age and one for Secondary School age. 


Primary School age pack

Secondary School age pack

If you want to share your creations with us on social media, see links in the corner of the page. 

These packs were created with additional funding from Arts Council England’s Let’s Create scheme, and designed by Creative Learning Apprentice Katherine Hart and Fraser Muggeridge studio.

Activity packs opened out, showing activities to Create your own sports day! and Learn a difference language. Coloured pencils and a pencil sharpener also shown.
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