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Ready for work

Do you know about all of the different types of jobs in the creative industries? From actor, to stage manager, to set designer, to art handler, to sound recordist, to fundraiser, to marketing, to writer, to filmmaker, to fashion designer, so much to do and too many to list! Think about how you might learn more and see if you want to get into this industry.

Where to start

Think about what you are interested in, and the different types of roles that exist in that industry. Can you ask someone involved to find out more information?

How might you get your foot in the door? Do you need work experience? Or get involved as a participant? Have you prepared your CV, and know where jobs are listed? Do some research to find these things out. If you think you might need a University degree, why not listen to University of Essex’s podcast telling you all about it.

Attend events and listen to podcasts in Focal Point Gallery’s ‘Things You Never Get Taught’ programme that provide insights into different skills needed for the industry.

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