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The Mulberry Harbour

Just over a mile offshore from Thorpe Bay Yacht Club you can see the remains of a 2,500-tonne concrete Phoenix caisson. It lies partially sunk on a sand bank in the Thames Estuary and dates back to D-Day during the Second World War. In low tide you may be able to see it along the coastline, keep your eyes peeled at the glimpse of history.

Where to start

Try to see the Mulberry Harbour from the beach at low tide – maybe use binoculars to get a better view!

Visit the local library and try to find one of the many books on the Mulberry Harbour.

It is not recommended trying to walk out to the Mulberry Harbour as the tides come in extremely fast at right angles to the beach, there is a substantial risk of getting cut off from shore. You should only attempt this if you are with some very experienced in this area.

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